Moving on from COVID

It may be early days yet but we are looking ahead with a positive attitude.

With that in mind we have put together a planned programme for 2021 which is targeted over the July and August summer holidays when, hopefully, the impact of the virus will be diminished to a point where some kind of normality can return.

In the lead up to 2020 we had put together an exciting programme for the year which would have seen us offer the largest number of residential places since the 2008 economic crisis. Altogether nearly 130 young people were set to join us ...and then COVID 19 struck!.

While we are happy to report that our own staff, Trustees and close family have remained safe the impact of the virus decimated our overall plans. Dates set in April, May, July and early August all had to be cancelled. As a last resort we had set up alternatives for the October school holidays sadly, at the end of September, with restrictions still in place we were also forced to abandon those plans.

So for now we will continue to hope - and plan - for the better times ahead. With that in mind we have established a provisional programme for this year and - not surprisingly - have had no difficulties in filling it as young people who missed out in 2020 look forward with hope and expectation to this year. We will be more than happy to see them!!

In fact bearing in mind the stresses and strains imposed on families during the various lockdowns we are sure that when our young people do get the opportunity to once again be part of our programme they will enjoy it and benefit from it possibly more than ever before!!

Although we are a small charity and do not have a high profile, we do believe we make a big difference in the lives of young people. We offer them the chance to discover that the world has so much to offer and they have so much to offer it.

In recent years we have worked with young carers groups although we have also been involved with community based youth action groups who concentrate on disadvantaged young people seen as being at risk of offending or having come to the attention of the justice system.

Our courses are highly subsidised and we are always ready to discuss costs and the needs of different groups. Under its charitable status, Camp&Trek has a wide remit in regard to young people and is always willing to chat about the possibility of working with groups from different backgrounds.

It may be possible to tailor courses to meet the needs of certain young people so give us a ring or drop us an email to find out more. This can be done in the first instance by either by emailing or telephone 07765 899650.

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